Why not join us at our first tasting menu, Head chef Dale and his team have to put togther something they're very proud of, this is something we've wanted to do for quite some time, its an opportunity for us to show off, cook things we've learnt and show case some crazy dishes. We'd love for you to be apart of this.  


Saturday 30th October

7pm start  

Tasting menu: £55 Per person. 

When we receive your confirmation of purchase, the amount of people you purchased for will be the amount of people assigned to your table.


Sticky toffee bread

Date and walnut bread, homemade butter.


Korean oyster 

Fresh oysters, blitz kimchi, lime. 


Ox naan bread

Smoked ox cheek, black sesame sauce, naan, fennel. 


Vietnamese rolls 

Crab & avocado summer roll, vietnamese dipping sauce. 


Surf & turf

Hanger steak, lobster sauce, caviar.  


Palate reset

Champagne sorbet, pineapple, vanilla.  



Ginger crumb, Italian marshmallow, dark chocolate.


*Please make any allergies known to a member of the team*

October Tasting Menu