Our Story

Pinch My Bun is founded by well-travelled entrepreneur, Alex Wright and observant & enterprising, Chef Dale Whitlock. Both have a passion for exciting and unique seafood and meat dishes that are not readily available anywhere else, and they aspire to share that with the local food scene. They started by hosting lobster and seafood events, collaborating with restaurants and hotels across the UK. Their supper club and brunch events deliver the finest Canadian lobster themed menus which are often accompanied by premium beers, bubbles and cocktails.

Dale's culinary skill and experience is set to tantalize your taste buds here at Pinch. He has a passion for cooking up mouthwatering surf and turf dishes that will leave you wanting for more.

Alex sources for quality seafood through his travels. He has accumulated a wealth of experience in the wholesale trade of live & frozen seafood which includes the handling, packaging and logistics to ensure quality of product is maintained at its best from the sea to the plates at Pinch. Both of them are set on a mission to create an incredible surf & turf restaurant that is bound to obsess you.

Pinch brings a cool, relaxed vibe for dining and socialising, allowing you to kick back and unwind in a chilled out friendly atmosphere accompanied by reasonably priced, good quality food and drinks.

TUESDAY - SATURDAY: 17 - 21.30